Stop writing boilerplate code

Scaffold the generals of your Django project with grace.
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Django AxiaCore is a Yeoman generator that allows you to create high quality Django apps easily. Generates the basic file structure and recommended settings that are boilerplate to every project.

We use it at our company to start every new project.

Getting started

Start by installing Yo and the generator.

# Install yo
$ npm install -g yo

# Install Django generator
$ npm install -g generator-django-axiacore


Create a folder for your app and generate your project

# Create a directory for your app.
$ mkdir my-awesome-project & cd my-awesome-project

# Install Django generator
$ yo django-axiacore


Create a new app using startapp

# Create app.
$ yo django-axiacore:startapp


Examples of the generator in practice.

Main Generator

Generates the folder structure and for your project.


Scaffolds a new app within your project.


Materialize generated project